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We are a full-service creative agency specialized in achieving your business objectives through unconventional, surprising and high-impact marketing strategies and actions.

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There is a world where you won. Your company is not a brand, it is an icon. Your sales number is the measure that others use as a target. You are not just an entrepreneur, you are a leader.

This world already exists, here and now, in the MAKALI universe. Like every leader, you know how to choose your right-hand, and we are ready to take you into this new reality. Are you ready?

The time has come to cross the barrier of the impossible. It’s time to really grow. It’s time to transform your brand into the best version there is.

MAKALI: Welcome to the New World.

Existe um mundo em que você venceu. Sua empresa não é uma marca, é um ícone. O seu número de vendas é a medida que outros usam como meta. Você não é só um empreendedor, você é um líder. 

Esse mundo já existe, aqui e agora, no universo da MAKALI. Como todo líder, você sabe escolher o seu braço direito, e nós estamos prontos para levar você para essa nova realidade. Você está preparado?

Chegou a hora de atravessar a barreira do impossível. Chegou a hora de crescer de verdade. Chegou a hora de transformar a sua marca na melhor versão que existe.

MAKALI: Welcome to the New World.


As we are in constant transition between the frontiers of our reality and those of new worlds, we know that to make this journey we need a fuel that attracts, a ship that enchants, a tunnel that seduces and a crew that engages.

Brands, products and services need to win the attention of consumers to achieve their main challenges: increase their sales; create an engaged audience; and become a reference in their market segments.

With this fuel in hand, the attention of consumers, brands must be able to seduce and delight them so that they have a positive perception and think favorably of them again.

Por estarmos em constante transição entre as fronteiras de nossa realidade e aquelas de novos mundos, sabemos que para realizar esta viagem precisamos de um combustível que atraia, uma nave que encante, um túnel que seduza e uma tripulação que engaje.

As marcas, produtos e serviços precisam conquistar a atenção dos consumidores para atingir seus principais desafios: aumentar suas vendas; criar uma audiência engajada; e se tornar referência em seus segmentos de mercado.

Com este combustível em mãos, a atenção dos consumidores, as marcas devem conseguir seduzir e encantá-los para que eles tenham uma percepção positiva e que voltem a pensar favoravelmente na sua marca.


Behind every MAKALI campaign or marketing action, we have a very well defined purpose: to make people live more intensely.

Everything has a hidden price. In the age of free media – whether online (like social media) or offline (like TVs) – the price paid is not noticed. The cost is your focus.

Our goal is to be able to redirect people’s focus to what really matters, while generating value for all the brands that work with MAKALI… for the partners who help us in this goal.

Here, we don’t sell our customers’ products or services. At MAKALI, we deliver experiences, ideas and entertainment with more health, passion and joy. The positive side effect is the realization of all the goals of the brands that work with us.

Por trás de toda campanha ou ação de marketing da MAKALI, temos um propósito muito bem definido: fazer as pessoas viverem mais intensamente.

Tudo tem um preço escondido. Na era das mídias gratuitas – seja online (como redes sociais) ou offline (como TVs) – o preço pago não é notado. O custo é o seu foco.

Nosso objetivo é conseguir redirecionar seu foco para o que realmente importa, enquanto geramos valor para todas as marcas que trabalham com a MAKALI… para os parceiros que nos ajudam nesse objetivo.

Aqui, não vendemos os produtos ou serviços de nossos clientes. Na MAKALI, entregamos experiências, ideias e entretenimento com mais saúde, paixão e alegria em viver. O efeito colateral positivo é a realização de todos os objetivos das marcas que trabalham conosco.





Makali Media - #1

F***ing Good consulting

A good leader knows how to choose his right arm. MAKALI’s active consultancy is the complete marketing team your company needs to achieve and exceed all your business goals and objectives. Focus on your daily operation and let all strategies, creations, campaigns and media placements be touched by our team of good people, with blood in their eyes and willingness to make your business fly. 

Branding & Design

Your brand is not just your logo or your product, it is what they say about you. Products are made in the factory, but brands are built in the mind. What reputation have you achieved with your product design, your communication, your team’s way of expressing themselves, your culture? Here we develop visual identity – from logo to communication – to ensure your brand is strong, and a true representation of your business.

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For businesses that did not yet have digital as an integral part of their sales strategies, the pandemic has certainly demonstrated the need to also be present in this ecosystem. The challenge is not to push buttons and launch ad campaigns on social media, but to entertain and delight users without interrupting their experiences. If content is the King, then conversion is the Queen. At MAKALI, we specialize in designing specific strategies for your business to build an engaged audience, increase your sales and make your brand a reference in the market. For this, we elaborate and implement strategy in all the main tools of paid traffic, content marketing in social networks, email marketing, design, content creation, and much more.

Custom Development

Many businesses may or may not have a physical address, but they should certainly have a digital address. Your company website is the business card that makes an impactful first impression, whether positive or negative. Similarly, every marketing campaign has a clear objective that can be reinforced on a sales page or capture page. At MAKALI, we develop pages that convert: institutional websites, landing pages, virtual stores and all the necessary structure to accelerate your business. 

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Everyone has something interesting to teach and a large hidden audience waiting to learn. For the brave ones who want to share their knowledge, MAKALI helps from the development of your product, through the elaboration of your strategic plan, all te way to your launch. We then go on to help you increase your sales, create an engaged audience and become an authority in your market segment. We are more than a creative agency with excellent results, we are partners of your business.

Rocket 4 beasts

We breathe culture, vibrate with sports and are addicted to entertainment. MAKALI created Rocket 4 Beasts with the goal of making dreams come true, helping great talents (our beasts) to: build a strong visual identity and personal brand; identify and seize marketing opportunities with brands that have an ideal fit with their audiences; and capture sponsorships with companies that identify with their values.

MAKALI: Boosting Your Success
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We achieve your business goals through creative, unconventional, surprising and high-impact marketing strategies and actions. By thinking innovatively, testing quickly and agilely, and creating with art and functionality, we can delight and seduce your consumers to leverage your brand’s results. Whether in traditional campaigns with content innovation, events that promote your brand and raise your perception in the market, or through the identification and implementation of marketing opportunities with opinion leaders who have extreme identification with your consumers, MAKALI works to make your brand bigger and stronger.

MAKALI: Making Your Big Brand Bigger

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